Age Concern
    North Dorset

Sturminster Newton and district
               Charity No. 1002030


The Internet is now an essential tool of everyday life and can transform the lives of older people by allowing them to:

      - stay in touch with friends and relatives by Internet or email
      - find information about any subject
      - operate a bank account from home and pay bills electronically
      - shop for food and a huge variety of products from their home
      - explore their family history
      - make free international phone calls
      - view and exchange photos via the Internet with friends and relatives

However, we recognise that although many older people appreciate these advantages, they may think that learning to use the Internet will be too difficult and complicated.  In our experience, with a little expert tuition, most people quickly learn the basics and the rest comes with practice! If there are difficulties, we have knowledgeable volunteers who can assist in a number of ways:

      - by arranging introductory courses at the Learning Centre in The Exchange, Sturminster Newton
      - advising on obtaining and installing the necessary equipment, either by phone, or in your home if preferred
      - solving any problems which arise, either by connecting to your computer via the Internet, or by home visits if

Call 01258 475582 and we would be very happy to put you in touch with one of our volunteers. We promise that they will be extremely patient and won’t try to blind you with science !