Age Concern
    North Dorset

Sturminster Newton and district
               Charity No. 1002030


Low level aerobics classes are held at the Sturminster Newton Leisure Centre with Sally Ann and are great fun.

Pop along on a Tuesday 10.45 - 11.45 and we'll welcome you - guaranteed you'll enjoy the session.

Phone 01258 475582 or email


Click here for further details of the classes & facilities offered by the Sturminster Newton Leisure Centre



Tips to reduce the risk of falling:

    • Try our “boost your bones” quiz and see what you can do to keep bones strong
    • Discard potential hazards such as ill fitting slippers and shoes
    • Discard glasses with outdated prescriptions
    • Make sure you clean your glasses regularly
    • See your GP or health visitor for a blood pressure check
    • Discard old walking sticks or change the ferrules
    • Discard out of date prescriptions
    • Be aware of slip hazards in the home - rugs, broken steps, family pets, spillages
    • Consider a personal alarm
    • Make sure you have plenty of drinks through the day, particularly water
    • Improve your strength and balance to reduce your risk of falls by weight bearing exercises, including:-
          • Walking
            Climbing stairs
            Tai Chi

    • Low level aerobic exercise
    • Try to get out in the sunshine as much as possible to absorb valuable vitamin D from sunlight
    • Add more oily fish, cereal, hard cheese, milk, nuts and leafy green vegetables to your diet.
    • Attend an Age Concern exercise class held every Tuesday from 10.45 - 11.45 at the Sturminster Leisure Centre - see details at the top of this page